Liz Dennis, Decorative Restoration

Liz has been repairing and installing Milestone Cement Plaster and Venetian Plasters in the residential and commercial market for over 15 years. She combines her expertise in professional plastering with her fine arts background to create beautiful and realistic repair results. Liz has completed projects in Washington, California, Oregon and Texas and is currently expanding her territory.

Services: Repair chips, cracks, fades and stains on plaster finishes, poured concrete, tile, faux finished surfaces, statuary, artwork, and more. She is also available as a DIY consultant, and to paint murals.

Common Restoration Areas: Walls, showers, fireplaces, stairs, patios, counter tops, sinks, and exterior surfaces, artwork, furniture and murals.  Any of these areas applied with the above plasters, glazes and textures can be restored.

                                                Liz Dennis | Phone:  206-300-8393 | Email: liz@lizrestoration.com | Licensed and Bonded