Re-Creating Broken Ceramic Floor Tiles

This block of wood was cut to the shape of these antique tiles, coated with Milestone Cement Plaster, and grouted into place. Can you tell which ones are real and which are duplicates?

Private residence, Seattle, Washington.



Building a Giant Boulder

The large stone on top of this fireplace is not real. It was fabricated with Milestone Cement Plaster on cement board, then grouted into place. All work was done on site. No heavy
boulders to transport!

Privately owned island in the San Juan Islands, Washington.



If you are creative and enjoy sculpting with lath and plaster, Milestone Cement Plaster can used to build almost anything. Functional and decorative items can be created and installed in your home or garden. Benches, birdbaths, and garden sculptures are a few examples.




Small scale private tutoring sessions are available at my studio. I also teach groups willing to provide their own studio.
Contact me for details.

Teaching History

Liz has co-taught Milestone Cement Sculpture workshops to artists and homeowners in the San Juan Islands, Washington  / Pratt Fine Arts, Seattle, Washington / and other Seattle studios.

Do It Yourself Consultation

If DIY home projects are for you, a little coaching may be all you need to add unique, colorful accents to your home. Talk to me and see if Milestone, Faux painting or Venetian plaster finishes are for you. I can tell you the basics, and then you choose which parts of the project you would like to do yourself. You save money on your installation and learn a new skill in the process!

DIY skills You Can Learn: Site preparation, taping, plastering, painting, color development, staining, glazing, sanding and sealing.